ZooRacing Wolverine MAX Touring Car Body – 0.5mm LIGHTWEIGHT

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ZooRacing Wolverine 1:10 190mm Touring Car Clear Body – 0.7mm REGULAR

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  • ZooRacing Wolverine MAX Touring Car Body – 0.5mm LIGHTWEIGHTWOLVERINE MAX is ZooRacing’s latest high performance touring car body, whose design has been developed according to the latest findings, with the aim to make WOLVERINE MAX even faster than its predecessors on any track. Many new features ensure that the handling has become even more dynamic, with more downforce for more stability in the corners with significantly more rotation. At the same time, aerodynamic efficiency has been improved once again.To this end, many areas of WOLVERINE MAX have been noticeably enhanced. The overall length has been significantly shortened in favor of lower inertia and thus improved rotation around the vertical axis. To achieve even more steering in fast corners, the front and hood have been made even steeper. To better direct the lateral air streams along the rear wheel arches to the rear wing and thus create even more downforce, WOLVERINE MAX has been heavily waisted on the side. The rear end is designed to be very flat and homogeneous, ensuring a very low center of gravity on the one hand and a very even airflow to the rear wing on the other. The shape of the rear fenders has been reshaped for more uniform airflow. This has minimized turbulence at the end of the body.The roof of WOLVERINE MAX has been stretched more to improve overall aerodynamic efficiency. For the first time, the side windows have a camber to achieve more even pressure ratios as air flows past. For the rear wing, we used the well-known HELLCAT wing and improved it even more. The wing is known for its curved and arched design, perfectly adapted to the rear of the body, and the extreme effect that comes with it. For greater structural stability and more downforce on fast tracks, we have now added an extremely effective reinforcing rib to the rear wing.Especially for the 0.5mm LIGHTWEIGHT version, high stiffness is important. To achieve this, many new features have been developed. The area in front of the front window has been redesigned to provide more strength here. The front fenders now have a unique structure so that flexing at high speeds is reduced and more efficiency is achieved overall.At the top of the Wolverine MAX highlights is the new ZOOlite thermoforming process, which lowers the overall weight of the 0.7mm thick body by approximately 10g.

    This ensures that the body fits all regulations that currently require a minimum body weight – without giving away a single gram.

    Of course, the body is still available in the super-light 0.5mm material. If you want to get the maximum performance out of your car and are not subject to a minimum weight, this is the way to go.

    The body is available in two variants:

    REGULAR: 0.7mm thick – approx. 75g weight without paint and decals, inc. Wing

    LIGHTWEIGHT: 0.5mm thick – approx. 55g weight without paint and decals, incl. wings

    This body is allowed in the ETS season #15 2022/23 in the following classes (0.5mm version):
    ETS Pro Stock & ETS Modified 

    A special feature of ZooRacing bodies are the two-stage windshield decals. With stage 1, the first step is to mask off the entire windshield and paint the body completely. After that, stage 1 is removed and the smaller stage 2 is placed in the windshield. This way you can paint a perfect window frame! Please note that you should put a white background on light-colored paints beforehand – if you want to paint a dark window frame.

    Technical data:

    • Scale: 1:10 Touring car
    • Wheelbase: approx. 257mm
    • Width: approx. 190mm


    • developed and shaped by CAD design
    • special LCG body for low air resistance
    • deep drawn front
    • indented roof structure for perfect stability and airflow
    • Reinforcing ribs on the trunk
    • Beads and edges in the rear as an anti-tuck feature against jammed bodies
    • Wheel arches with integrated possible offset to the front or rear (+/-4mm)
    • Anti-tuck stiffening also integrated in the side panels
    • detailed decal sheet
    • two-stage windshield decals
    • Screws and nuts for rear wing included
    • EFRA homologated (EFRA 4084)
    • The delivery of the body is unpainted and not cut out.
    • Rear wing, a small decal sheet and windshield decals are included.


    Technical specification

    Onroad: Touring Car
    ETS Approved: ETS Modified / Pro Stock
    Thickness: 0,5 mm

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