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 XB8 / XB8E “Eazy” Body – Lightweight

• Lightweight edition of the “Eazy” body

• Less chassis roll and increased corner speed

• More aggressive handling

• Redesigned wide cab

• Easier to drive

• Makes handling more predictable

• Fits XB8 and XB8E

“Eazy” body makes the car significantly easier to drive. The lightweight version of the body ensures that the car has less weight atop the car for less roll, increased cornering speed, and more aggressive handling.

“Eazy” body was created after significant time spent testing dozens of different alternatives until the final design was selected. The design of this body improves the handling for all skill levels from local racers to World Champions. The “Eazy” body makes the car more stable at speed and more reactive in the corners.

The redesigned sides of the body improve stability at higher speeds. The round front cab and profile make the XB8 easier to drive. Some of the redesigned down force areas increase the speed of the car. The central fin on the roof help control the car more precisely making handling more predictable. Overall, the “Eazy” body is the most significantly improved performance off-road body we have designed.

The front cabin was redesigned with a wider and cab forward design so both left and right sides generate matching downforce even with the cut-out opening for fuel tank.

Produced from high-quality, premium Lexan™ material.

The body is fully compatible with both the XB8 and XB8E buggies.

Fits XB8 and XB8E

#359714 XB8 / XB8E “Eazy” Body – Lightweight