XRAY X10’22 – 1/10 PAN CAR GT

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XRAY X10’22 – 1/10 PAN CAR GT

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XRAY X10’22 1/10 Pan Car Racing Kit

Wheelbase: adjustable +/- 260mm

Width: according to the GT rules max 200mm

Body: there are multiple bodies that fit the car. The one we use in promotion is Bitty Design. These bodies will fit:




2022 New Features:

  • Completely redesigned X10 platform
  • 90% new components with the main focus on improvement of durability, stability and traction
  • Tweak free design, new rear center pivot mounting system, bulkheads, pod plates & redesigned front suspension
  • Chassis plates for the new front suspension & rear pivot, chassis side braces
  • Graphite chassis side braces with four different settings to alter chassis stiffness
  • Aluminum center pivot mounting system improves traction & stability of the car
  • Rear center pivot adjustment changes the pivot location relative to the side links
  • One-piece bulkheads with upper & lower center pins achieve maximum durability and eliminate tweak
  • Graphite rear upper plate to align with the bulkhead centering pins
  • Front suspension completely redesigned for maximum durability & to eliminate tweak
  • Single graphite arms replace composite arms for maximum rigidity.
  • Heavy-duty 4mm kingpin system with fixed camber geometry
  • Front suspension flex adjustment system with three different flex settings
  • Graphite moulded steering block for 4mm king pin with new Ackermann positions for improved steering response
  • Big bore front springs with larger diameter for smoother & more precise dampening
  • Stealth looking black design
  • World Championship, ROAR National Championship and EFRA European Championship winning platform