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  • All-new chassis with narrowed front suspension pivots increases stability & traction
  • Hard composite suspension arms combined with the improved central chassis flex keeps the suspension geometry stable while the flex is transferred through chassis and radio plate to maintain traction
  • Narrower front and rear suspension holders for improved traction and stability
  • Lower down-stop mounting holders without the eccentric geometry make the car easier to set suspension down-stops
  • All-new front aluminum bulkheads accommodate new upper arm holder with adjustable flex
  • Redesigned front upper arm holder features new roll center positions in all 9 positions
  • Ultra-compact and super lightweight receiver box moves the weight lower and closer to the center of the chassis
  • Radio plate with new servo holders moves the throttle servo more rearwards, the steering servo more frontwards and receiver box with a more central location
  • Servo saver stand with key lock design
  • Fuel tube holders are mounted directly on the radio tray for a clean installation
  • Simplified aluminum 2-speed shaft holders eliminate unnecessary braces to make the chassis more flexible, while the wider positioning provide improved support for the 2 speed shaft
  • Pulley collar is optimized for the fixed position of the pulley on the 2-speed shaft
  • New rear aluminum bulkheads have a 2mm front/rear wheelbase adjustment for easy traction tuning depending on the track conditions. Front position more traction, rear position more stability
  • Longer rear suspension pins for wide range of wheelbase adjustment
  • Both redesigned rear suspension holders and milled pockets in the chassis plate reduce the lowest pin position to generate more traction when needed
  • Anti-roll bar bearing bushings front and rear for different thickness of anti-roll bars
  • New redesigned rear anti-roll bar wire to accommodate narrower suspension and new shape eliminates any collision
  • Redesigned front anti-roll bar collar to eliminate any collisions
  • 2-speed shaft adapter for rear belt pulley uses longer pins for brake disk for increased reliability
  • Included ultra-stabile clutch spring for more reliable clutch setting
  • New guide pins provide smooth movement of the brake pads
  • Longer front lower pivot balls account for the narrower front suspension pivot to maintain necessary width adjustments
  • Graphite rear roll-center bridge is simplified and features more clearance above the rear belt with optimized roll center positions
  • Wider front lower bumper included in the kit for improved lower aerodynamics and improves protection of the body