OPTIFUEL Optimix Race Fuel 16% Nitro 5L

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OPTIFUEL Optimix Race Fuel 16% Nitro 5L


*OBS* Fuel er ikke på lageri DK, kommer fra leverandør i Sverige. ca 5 dages leveringtid.  SENDES IKKE.

OPTIMIX RACE Fuel – 16% Nitro – 5L

OPTIMIX RACE 16 is supplied as a 5L container and has 16% nitromethane (by weight) with 10% fully synthetic oil from KLOTZ. The Race Fuel has been developed with the assistance of top pro drivers and is a high performance fuel for RACE use – it’s not meant for general fun RTR buggies and trucks etc.

  • For RTR use (and RTR boats) – Choose Optimix RTR 16% fuel instead (available in 1L & 5L)


  • 5L Optimix Race fuel with 16% Nitromethane (by weight) and 10% Klotz Synthetic Oil

Optifuel is the product of extensive testing and development using the very latest onboard monitoring techniques to log operational parameters from hard racing. To achieve the optimum blend the Optifuel team have tested various oils and different mixtures content combinations. The fuel is low odour, deposits zero carbon and is tolerant of incorrect leaning/tuning.

Optifuel Race is suitable for all 2-stroke racing car engines (not RTR engines). The Methanol and Nitromethane used is of the highest available quality. Optifuel is mixed using the latest weighing technology to produce accurate, reliable, repeatable batches from 20 to 2000 litres. Optifuel Race fuel is supplied in standard 2.5 or 5 litre quantities – not US gallons (3.78L).