New Lexan Rear Wing – 1/8 Off-road

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New Lexan Rear Wing – 1/8 Off-road

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New Lexan Rear Wing – 1/8 Off-road• XRAY own design• Premium Lexan material• Designed for XB8 platform• Fits XB8, XB8E, XT8• Pre-cut for maximum comfort• Super lightweight• Very strong• Rear pre-bent wicker area• Adjustable position• Center fins adds stability & strengthXRAY super lighweight 1/8 off-road lexan wing designed for a perfect fit to XB8 and working in conjuction with the XRAY off-road bodies. The wing is produced from high-quality original Lexan material and is completely pre-cut for maximum comfort. The wing has an adjustable position and consists from two pieces, the main wing and the center fin that adds more stability and increases strength of the wing around the mounting area. The rear part of the wing is pre-bent to reinforce the wing and eliminates t

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