Maverick RC Quantum2 MT Flux 1/10th Monster Truck – Green

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We’ve taken the well-loved Quantum MT and given it a full redesign from the ground up, then thrown in even more high-energy parts to bring you the new and improved Quantum2 MT Flux! This super-powered brushless version is fitted with a mighty 3500 KV FLUX brushless motor and 3S-capable speed controller for massive top speeds!

Available in 2 different great-looking colorways, you can choose between racing RED with black wheels or extra-bright GREEN with neon green wheels! Each Quantum2 MT Flux is fitted with working front AND rear lights, including functional brake lights – and you can turn them on or off from the brand new controller! With brand new wheels and Tredz tires, the Quantum2 MT Flux will be turning heads and instantly impressing your friends!

The Quantum 2 MT Flux features expertly designed parts molded in robust and durable materials to keep you driving and smiling for hours at a time! From extra-thick suspension arms and one-piece uprights to thick metal axles and driveshafts spinning on real metal bearings, the Quantum 2 MT Flux is built to last! The Quantum2 bodies are completely pre-painted are crafted from robust polycarbonate — a material known for its high tensile strength and durability. Despite its strength, this material retains flexibility, making it the top choice for high-quality RC bodies!

With all- new looks, more speed and extreme durability, the Quantum2 MT Flux should be high on your list of must-have RC vehicles!