HUDY Premium Silicone Oil 425 cSt – 50ml

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HUDY Premium Silicone Oil 425 cSt – 50ml

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New silicone oils that fit within the existing line. Increments by 25cSt to extend the existing line for super fine set-up tuning.


• Premium Silicone Oil

• Laboratory tested and calibrated

• Square easy-to-store bottle with flip cover

• Full range including small increments in the most popular viscosities

• Industry-proven CST rating

• Color coded rating to instantly recognize the type of viscosity

HUDY Premium Silicone Oil for shock absorbers and differentials is manufactured in Europe by a specialized silicone oil premium manufacturer, created exclusively for HUDY. Each batch of Premium Silicone Oil is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality from batch to batch. The oils will not get thinner in higher temperatures and will not thicken in cold weather. Based on the industry-proven CST rating, this line of oils are easy to identify, adjust, and feel.

HUDY oils cover the complete range from Ultra-Thin (100cSt)… Thin (1000cSt)… Medium (5000cSt)… Thick (10.000cST)… up to Extra-Thick (1.000.000cSt), with numerous stages in between. Thinner oils are suitable for shocks (up to Medium); thicker oils are suitable for differentials. You will be able to find the correct viscosity you need for your application.

Each category of oils is individually color-coded to allow you to instantly recognize the type of viscosity.