HUDY Magic Cleaning Gum



                    Cleans car & workplace

                    Great for engine cleaning

                    Removes dirt, dust, oil & grease

                    Specially mixed own formula

                    Easy to use

                    Handy aluminum box with plastic inner tray




Cleaning gum helps you to keep your car and working area clean. Allows you to easily remove the dirt, dust, oil or grease that your car has collected on the track. The gum is great for cleaning your engine and pipe too.


When using the Cleaning Gum, first knead it in your hands until the Gum becomes malleable, and then form it into a small ball. Then, press the Gum onto the dirty section, and then pull it away to remove all the dirt and grime; repeat until the section is completely clean.  If traces of the Gum remain, just re-press the Gum onto the remnants and they shall be removed.



Cleaning Gum is not a toy and it is not edible, and it should be treated as a cleaning product. Keep it out of reach of children. Do not swallow the Gum, as it can contain traces of harmful substances.




#106200 HUDY Magic Cleaning Gum

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