HOBBYNOX Airbrush Color Solid hvid 120 ml HN22001

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Airbrush Color Solid Vit 120 ml hn22001

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Hobbynox Airbrush Colors Our water-based airbrush paint is made with light-fast pigments, durable resins and quality ingredients. Hobbynox Airbrush Colors works on polycarbonate (Lexan®) and most other plastics, fabrics, wood, metals, ceramic, poster boards, glass and more. The colors are water-based and non-toxic. Hobbynox Airbrush Colors remains flexible and resists cracking, chipping and most impact damage.Hobbynox Airbrush Colors include Opaque (solids), Transparent, Neon, Pearl and Iridescents.Hobbynox Airbrush Colors work best out of the bottle with a 0.5 mm tip-sized airbrush operated @ 2.8-3.5 BAR. For smaller tip-sizes, lower the BAR settings and fine-line detailed artwork – reduce with Hobbynox SP Reducer/Cleaner (up to 25%).Hobbynox Airbrush Colors cure with the assistance of m

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