Flysky FGr4S AFHDS3 Receiver 4CH

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Product information “Flysky FGr4S AFHDS3 Receiver 4CH”

The FGr4S receiver is the ideal support when using a Flysky remote control. The receiver makes use of a technology used by several Flysky transmitters – the automatic frequency hopping digital system (short: AFHDS3). With a bidirectional transmission system via the antenna, this receiver is specially designed for the installation and output of PWM/PPM/i-BUS and S.BUS signals. All AFHDS3-capable transmitters are supported.

Technical Specifications

PWM-Channels: 4
RF: 2.4GHz
Protocol: AFHDS 3
Antennas: Single
Input Voltage: 3.5-8.4V
Range: >200m
RSSI: Supported
Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Max. Humidity: 20%-95%
Update: Yes, online
Dimensions: 25.5x22x17.3mm
Weight: 5.1g
Suitable for: Cars, Boats, etc.
Compatible Transmitter: all AFHDS3-Transmitter