Bitty Design Liquid Mask 16oz (0,5Kg)

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Liquid Mask 16oz (0,5Kg)

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Use of the Liquid Mask Compared to the traditional but now obsolete tape paper, aspects and advantages of our Masking Liquid are easily found: incredible time savings, the drawing up of liquid is really fast possibility to easily reach every point on the surface of the body, even the edges and areas where the lexan has articulated forms less usury of the cutting blade of your precision cutter greater cutting precision due to the fact that the liquid, once dried, is semi-transparent and facilitates a lot the possibility to follow the lines of your drawing no residue when removing the liquid (it may happen, however, if you continue to use an inadequate tape paper that after the removal of adhesive some glue residues remain on the surface of airbrushing; with Liquid Mask this will never

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