AMB RC4 Hybrid Direct Power Transponder

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10R078  RC4 Hybrid Direct Power Transponder

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Our RC transponders help you to track lap times and give better insights into your performance. The RC Transponder is installed in your RC car. MYLAPS RC4 Hybrid Transponders work in combination with a MYLAPS RC Timing System installed at the track. Every time you cross these timing points, your transponder sends a signal to a detection loop embedded in the track. The RC4 Hybrid Transponder is compatible with RC2, RC3 and RC4 Timing Systems.


  • All your results in your personal profile
  • RC4 transponders can be used for both indoor and outdoor racing and will perform on just about any surface
  • Compatible with all MYLAPS RC timing systems


Detection height
max. 15 cm / 6 in
9 x 2 x 14 CM
Max. speed
120 km/h (75 mph)
Operating voltage range
3.0 – 16 VDC
Temperature range
0 to +50 °C /32 to +122 °F
Timing resolution
0,001 s
3 years