2021 FUTABA S9373SV Bil/båd Servo 24.6kg 0.06s HV Alu

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S9373SV Bil/Båd Servo 24.6kg 0.06s HV Alu en uges leveringstid 9373


Intended use: 1/8 Buggy, 1/8 On-Road, 1:10 Cars and all Boats that needs a super fast servo Tech Specifications: Power: 20.0 kg/cm @ 6V Power: 22.0 kg/cm @ 6.6V Power: 24.6 kg/cm @ 7.4V Speed: 0.070s/60° @ 6V Speed: 0.065s/60° @ 6.6V Speed: 0.060s/60° @ 7.4V Size: L40.5 x H37.2 x W21 mm Weight: 76 g Features: Coreless Motor Metal Gears Will replace the S9353HV servo High Voltage S.BUS S.BUS2 2 Ball Bearings O-Ring Seals 200 mm long connecting wire harness All Aluminum Case If no need of the complete case in aluminum – chose the Futaba S9372SV instead

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