2-WAY FLOW DELRIN SHOCK PISTON 5-H. (1.5MM) & 2-H. (1.0MM) (2)

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2-WAY FLOW DELRIN SHOCK PISTON 5-H. (1.5MM) & 2-H. (1.0MM) (2)


2-Way Flow Delrin Shock Piston

•                    2-way flow system

•                    Rubber valve influences oil flow

•                    Delrin pistons for super smooth action

•                    Perfect piston roundness

•                    Increases traction

•                    Improves landing

•                    Set for 2 shocks

Set of composite molded shock pistons for two shock absorbers. 

Two-way flow shock pistons work in different ways when the piston travels up or down. With the rubber valve installed on the piston, 2 holes are closed when piston travels up… then when the piston travels down, the valve opens 2 extra holes so the oil flows through 2 more holes in total. This configuration allows for perfect landings from jumps, even with a soft shock set-up.

Manufactured from specially-formulated composite material to provide smooth action & durability. Well-proven molding process ensures perfect piston roundness after production, so that the pistons move perfectly inside the shock bodies for identical shock action in all four shocks.

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