TAMIYA 1/14 MAN TGX 26.540 6×4 XLX 1:14

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1/14 MAN TGX 26.540 6X4 XLX


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1/14 MAN TGX 26.540 6×4 XLX

Also known as transporters that are used by F1 teams today, MAN Company”s tractor truck the TGX 26.540 6×4 XLX was awarded “The 2008 Truck of the Year.”

This award winning truck comes reproduced as a 1/14 scale electric R/C model. The model features a ladder frame chassis with aluminum channels, suspension with metal leaf springs and friction dampers, and rear axles equipped with differentials. Providing this truck with a realistic scale finish are parts which feature two kinds of metal-plating and metal transfers to beautifully depict details such as the front grille”s emblem.

Furthermore, the chassis features a 3-speed transmission which allows gear shifting while driving via transmitter, with the sound and lighting actions reproduced by the separately available Multi Function Control (MFC-01) unit.


? Length: 526mm, Width: 193mm, Height: 301mm, Weight (without options): Approx. 3.8kg ? Wheelbase: 237+103mm ? Tread: 156mm (Front), 138mm (Rear, Double Tire) ? Chassis: Aluminum & Polycarbonate Resin Ladder Frame ? Suspension: Front/Rear Leaf Springs ? Caster Angle (Front/Rear): 0°/0° ? Camber Angle (Front/Rear): 0°? Toe Angle: 0°(Front & Rear) ? Dampers: Aluminum Dummy Dampers (Front & Rear) ? Drivetrain: Rear Double Axle Drive ? Transmission: 3-gear transmission (gear shifting operated via transmitter) ? Gear Ratio: (1st Gear) 32.49:1, (2nd Gear) 17.76:1, (3rd Gear) 10.66:1 ? Diff. Gear: 3-bevel diff ? Motor: Type RS540 ? Tire Width: 22mm (Front & Rear) ? Tire Diameter: 83mm (Front & Rear)

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