1/10 F1 HUDY Set-Up System for all 1/10 Formula Cars

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Set-Up System for all 1/10 Formula Cars


109306 Universal Exclusive Set-Up System for all 1/10 Formula CarsSet-up System is used for adjustment of:• Toe-in and toe-out• Steering throw symmetry• Steering angle adjustmentMain features:• Premium-quality, exclusive set-up system for 1/10 formula cars• Super-precise measurement and setting of front toe, steering throw, steering angle• Includes handy set-up nuts for quick assembly/disassembly• Backlash-free, wobble-free mounting• Fully ball-bearing equipped set-up stands (6 high-precision ball-bearings)• Ultra-smooth, ultra-precise movement and operation• CNC-machined, high-grade aluminum set-up stands• CNC-machined, tough acrylic plastic toe/steering plate• Precision engraving for instant, reliable readings• Packaged in protective foam packing for safe storag

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